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Live where you want to live, Love who you want to love, and make money doing it. Find people who live in foreign nations all over the world. Expand your business worldwide. Attend international parties and cultural events and educational symposiums. Now you can travel the world – online and build your own business searching for a love match, new friends exciting parties and adventures or business connections. International dating and companionship. Reduced cost of living and cost of healthcare. Remote ‘Work From Anywhere Technology’. Social Lifestyle is about relationships, travel, cultural awareness, creating wealth and realizing quality of life results.

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There are many reliable options for Expatriate Insurance & Travel Safety – Insurance For Expats – Overseas Medical Coverage – International Medical Alerts – Worldwide Travel Insurance – Overseas Health Insurance. The latest intelligent ‘guesstimate’ from the State Department suggests that there are roughly 5.25 million Americans citizens not affiliated with the US Government who are living abroad. Of this figure, an increasing number are US citizens who have made the bold decision to retire overseas. With the American economy going through an extended period of extreme negativity and the resultant effects that this has had on every citizen’s life, it is not surprising that increasing numbers of baby boomers want to leave the US behind and go in search of a better life abroad in their retirement.

Living Overseas, especially as a retiree makes more sense then ever; lower cost for health-care, less crime, better ambiance, lower-prices, greater freedom, and the respect that comes from living in nations that respect your privacy.

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